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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Happy Tuesday fabulous people! 

Soo I've kind of been failing with the whole writing blog posts thing...but I promise, that's about to change. This week on The Weekly Blend I am going to catch you up to speed on my life, share some of my current wish list items and get you excited for some travel review posts coming soon!! 

Last week I finished up a semester long internship at an Architecture / Interior Design firm. It was my first real adult job experience and boy was it different from school. Adulting definitely has its pros and cons, but I learned so much and am so grateful for the experience. I am now starting to prepare for a 10 week summer class back in College Station. On Saturday I got back from best trip to San Francisco with some of my best friends. I have so many awesome things to share with y'all, so look out for my travel review, parts 1 and 2 coming later this week and early next. Y'all are seriously not going to believe how beautiful this city is!

Now onto my current wish list!

As a college student, I definitely am on a budget, and as a shopaholic, it would definitely make it easier if I won the lottery...but until that happens, I'll continue shopping the sales and keep the big items on my wish list until I can save up. I honestly think the best feeling in the world is finally being able to buy that gorgeous designer piece (or whatever your special item is) that you've worked so hard to save up for. Do you agree? I wanted to share some of my current big wish list items along with a few affordable pieces I am dying to have. 

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1 // This Gucci wallet is at the top of my wish list right now. Blush is my all time favorite color and I love a classic zip style wallet! Swooning!
2 // A classic David Yurman stack is so gorgeous. I own the classic cuff, and this pearl cuff is the next bracelet I am dreaming to add to my stack. I have very small wrists, so I always gravitate towards cuff bracelets so that I can adjust the size. 
3 // The saddest thing happened the other day.. my nude Miller sandals broke. It was tragic. So, this means it's time for a new pair. I am in love with the "Makeup" leather Miller sandals. They are a matte leather with a tan/blush color. Such a classic pair of sandals that can be worn with everything! 
4 // This tee is calling my name. I love finding casual pieces with a bit of flair. Tops like this make running errands look cute!
5 // Are. You. Serious. This stripped romper is to die for. I love the pastel colors and the off the shoulder style. Rompers are my go-to for hot Texas days.
6 // How can you not love these fun little tassel bracelets?!
7 & 8 // I love classic jewelry that can go with anything. I have been looking for good layering pieces and that's when I found Moon & Lola. I love the circle monogram necklace in the small size layered with the bar necklace. So classic and gorgeous! These are at the top of my wish list!
9 // Real talk.. my feet always sweat in sneakers. I know I'm not the only one, so get ready to say goodbye to sweaty feet. About a year ago I purchased a pair of these Nike shoes and y'all.. they feel like socks. They are so thin and stretchy and my feet can actually breathe! It is time for a new pair, and I am loving this neutral color!

Friday Favorites + The Cutest Pom Pom Top

Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Friday Y'all! Today I am going to share my favorite jean shorts and the cutest off the shoulder top. Finding a good pair of jean shorts is hard work. They're either too short, too high waisted, uncomfortable, too big or small and the list can go on and on. Well good news, I found the perfect pair.

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